It’s essential to take care
of your nails, cuticles, and skin
to maintain their beauty.


We’re a full-service nail spa
that caters to each client's
unique style and personality.


Treat yourself to a luxurious experience; you deserve it!
Our full-service nail salon makes your stress fade away.




Foot Treatment



Why Neo Pinot?

Delux Hot-Stone pedicure (50% OFF) for only $30.00 “reg price $60” will help you enjoy this wonderful luxury service at affordable price.  Refresh, Renew, and Relax is our mission to endure your leisure with our services at Neo Pinot Spa. Neo in Greek means renew, refresh and in Vietnamese means nails. Pinot means grapes. At Neo Pinot Spa we incorporate grape products in our services. Neo Pinot Spa is a place where you can have a pedi/mani or facial or reflexology or get rid of unwanted hair from our talented, experienced, friendly staffs, to refresh, renew, and relax your body and spirit. One of our highlight is Vinatherapy treatments which use highest quality grapes to custom made scrub from grapes and sea salt. The Vinatherapy treatments have high level of antioxidant ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate the skin from head to toe.

Samples of our offerings are herbal tea, spring water, gourmet coffee complimentary to our guests.

You can also enjoy a cup of wine while we pamper you with our services.

What they say about us?

Wendy was so friendly and she did an awesome job! Very relaxed atmosphere and wonderful glass of wine .

Ann Cornely

The hot stone massage felt so good on my feet and legs

Cherly Lorenz

Nice foot massage.  Very relaxing.  Proprietors are very friendly and pleasant.  Enjoyed the experience.

Dawn Jansen

Neo Pinot Spa was very pleasant and relaxing.  I will go again.

Very friendly and clean place.  Kid friendly which is a huge plus to me because I always have to take my little guy with me they were very accommodating and offered us the special that last a year if  we would like to come back and we did.

Michelle Talbott

Great place.  It was a very nice experience.  Everyone is professional and friendly.  Will definitely go back.

Joyce Aburkhart

Love the hot stone treatment and location! A real winner

Daniel was very kind and hospitable.  Hot rock massage was awesome.  Worth the experience!

The atmosphere is completely relaxing and it’s clear that they have their clients’ interests in mind.  I will gladly pay full price for this service next time!

Enjoy a mimosa while relaxing and laughing

Great pedicure! The minty stuff they put on your leg is awesome, felt so refreshed! The hot stone calf massage was nice too! I’ll definitely be back!



Nailing a Manicure, Pedicure in Downtown Portland with Wine

They say beauty comes from within, but Neo Pinot Spa says- why shy away from a little help? Our aim is very simple- You work hard and we want to be the ones who get to pamper you. And being beautiful and grooming yourself need not be something you have to give a second thought […]